Tuesday, 10 June 2008

KENYA: Focolare Movement Holds Memorial Mass for Late Founder NAIROBI,

April 11, 2008 (CISA) -Members of the Focolare Movement today celebrated the life of Chiara Lubich, their foundress who died last month.The Mass at Consolata Shrine, Nairobi, was concelebrated by the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Paul Alain Leaubapin, Bishop Salesius Mugambi of Meru and Bishop David Kamau of Nairobi.The nuncio described Lubich as a messenger who gave her life for the word of God. “Lubich has been like a mother who showed anew the personal and deep link of aiming at sanctity.”According to the Focolare, Lubich represents the witness of a great charisma in the life of the Church the charisma of unity given to her by the Holy Spirit and for which she was the faithful witness and caretaker.Lubich was born in Trent, Italy in January 1920. At the age of 23 she consecrated her life to God. This marked the birth and development of the Focolare which started during the Second World War and spread fast. Today the movement is present in 182 countries with 141,400 members. The ‘Focolari’, which are local points of reference for activities of this movement consist of little communities of consecrated and laymen or women, committed to maintain the presence of Christ. In Africa, there are three little towns of the Focolare, one in Cameroon, Ivory Coast and in Kenya. They also have communities in Tanzania, Uganda, and Burundi. Their projects in Philippines and Brazil are aimed at building unity and brotherhood.The Focolare Movement has a world wide editorial activity with printing presses in 31 countries. Their New City magazine is published in 37 editions with thousands of copies in 22 languages.

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