Friday, 19 November 2010

KENYA: 3-Day Forum on Swahili Language held in Mombasa

MOMBASA, November 19, 2010  – The Research Institute of Swahili Studies of Eastern Africa (RISSEA) will be hosting its Inaugural International Scientific Conference themed Swahili Research and Development in Eastern Africa.
The conference aims to bring together leading researchers, students, teachers and all other Swahili researchers for a 3-day conference this November 2010.
RISSEA was conceived in 2004 and became a fully fledged directorate within the National Museums of Kenya (NMK).
RISSEA is, therefore, charged with carrying out and coordinating basic and applied research on the Kiswahili speaking people of the East Africa’s coast and its diaspora.
Inaugural RISSEA International Scientific Conference with the theme of “Swahili Research and Development in Eastern Africa.”
At least 200 participants are expected to attend the forum which will be held in Mombasa in the coastal part of Kenya.
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