Wednesday, 12 November 2008

KENYA: Catholic Festival Focuses on Media as ‘Third Parent’

NAIROBI, September 12, 2008 (CISA) -At least 10 Catholic schools turned up for the first ever Catholic Media Festival which was inaugurated today at the Consolata Shrine Parish in Westlands, Nairobi at 9.30am.The three-day festival was launched by Fr Vincent Wambugu, the Secretary General of the Kenya Episcopal Conference (KEC).“This is a very great event because it is the first one of its kind. I would like to also appreciate the theme, ‘Media, the Third Parent,’” Fr Wambugu said.The Church, he said, valued that role of the media. “We shall not gag the media but ask for responsibility”.Catholic media houses participating in the festival include CISA, The Seed magazine, Paulines Publications, New People magazine, Ukweli Video Productions, the National Mirror magazine, Bosco East Africa Media Services, Radio Waumini and Messenger of Mary magazine.Friday was reserved for primary school children. They participated in colouring, writing and story reading competitions. The children presented songs, dances, poems and choral verses.The schools that participated in the event were: Blessed Sacrament Buruburu, Holy Trinity Buruburu, Parochial Catholic School, Loreto Valley Road, Loreto Convent Msongari, Consolata Primary, Urafiki Carovana Primary School, Jomico Academy, Blessed Brains Academy and Divine Mercy Junior Academy.Saturday features secondary schools. The festival concludes on Sunday with a day for family and youth.

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